UX Design to minimize the manual work required to deliver documentation in large engineering projects.


User Experience Design for Document control software process equipment suppliers who submit documents to engineering companies.


MyMobileCoverage is the leader in mobile analytics tools. Its mission is to provide real-time analytics relating to network performance, customer experience and business intelligence.

In 2013, MyMobileCoverage developed its own low-cost benchmark box. Collects data on RF environment, network performance, and GPS positioning simulating many devices. This benchmark box will, later on, become the cornerstone to a complete network monitoring platform.


The goal was to make this sophisticated equipment so easy to use that anybody could run a mobile network survey.


Creating a complete platform for mobile network optimization. This ecosystem aimed to collect, analyze and visualize information collected by users, network specialists and highly specialized tools.


My role
Working at MMC It was great being able to integrate my industrial design background with my User Experience Design skills.


An integrated system that kills two birds with one stone, collects network information and markets the carrier where ever it goes.

Design Thinking, Product Strategy & User Experience Design.


Rapid iteration of solutions validated by stakeholder interviews and prototypes




Concept design, mobile apps, IoT and data visualization to improve an interconnected world.

Back in 2011, MyMobileCoverage, a CORTxT company, had already created a crowdsourced system to capture mobile coverage issues and service interruption from mobile carriers.  I started designing for them as a freelancer and joined two years later as a full-time UX Lead, almost at the same time they expanded to their Latin American market. 


Value proposition

MyMobileCoverage is a mobile diagnostic solution that is helping carriers resolve issues related to network performance and customer care. 

The process begins with data collection right from the subscriber’s handset.  Information related to voice calls dropped/blocked calls, loss of service (no bars), data throughput, device-specific and GPS information is collected with optimal care and precision.


MyMobileCoverage transformed the raw data sets into insightful and actionable information to help resolve specific problems.


User pains in a connected world

A mobile network is a complex system that can easily be overwhelmed by larger than expected users gathered in one single place, like an impromptu concert and multiple users streaming video all at once.

As mobile phones, tablets, IoT and wearables become more popular, they rely heavily on the cloud to reduce the usage of local storage. This implies a situation where a single car could have a dozen devices requiring internet connectivity and the demand is only expected to increase.

Most carriers do not have a specific idea of their coverage blind spots and rely on users’ complaints to detect them, considering investigating an area only after several complaints have been filed.

Phone coverage is distributed by antennas and its efficiency and optimization could be affected by multiple factors, like weather, new buildings, other antennas and changes in the landscape. It. is also possible the materials in a building can affect the penetration of the network, some room might have fantastic coverage while others could barely have one bar.

Lack of cellphone coverage can have unexpected effects, from economic loss in local businesses to unsuccessful emergency response. This drives the desire to understand the user’s experience from the device’s perspective.