Put people before technology

Luis Berumen

Luis Berumen

UX Designer & Founder

Calgary based UX Design Leader with two decades of product design experience in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

This makes sense to us

Usability is a right

We are committed to producing inclusive, effective and satisfactory experiences, regardless of personal, mental or physical constraints, education levels, cultural biases and affiliations.

Privacy protection

We take responsibility for learning just enough information about the user to provide delightful experiences and forget as soon as it is no longer necessary.

Purposeful persuasion

Influence is only acceptable as a means to align users’ actions to their desired goals, removing potential errors and following cyber-security standards.

Progressive sustainability

A more sustainable future needs everyone’s contribution. We help transition practices, products, and industries to best practices that provide business value. We are committed to protecting the environment, fighting climate change, and making responsible use of resources.

Technology as a community enabler

Our tools should not dictate our actions. We must design products that benefit the local community, prompt people for more and better human interaction and actively participate in a globally interconnected world.